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    Hi folks,

    Now that I have m 680, it has me wondering. Did Palm improve the 680's "foot" where one plugs in the hotsync cable and audio-out/headphone cable? They often broke on the 650's, mine included. I went probably 2 years with first buggy and then completely non-functional hotsync and audio-out hookups, requiring Bluetooth for each. Bluetooth hotsync's are awful. Now that it takes me 1 minute to hotsync my 680 instead of 1+ hour to hotsync via BT my 650, I don't ever wanna go back to that! What is the general experience?

    -- Josh
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    I thought they had, but after almost a year, one of my cables isn't hooking up anymore. since another one is, I'm not aggravated yet but if I have to start messing with cables again (I had exactly the same experience as you with my 650) I'm going to be bugged about it.
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    My opinion is that the connectors on the 680 are no better then the ones on the 650.
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    both a POS.
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