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    With the new GPS enabled and EVDO firmware released, I thought I'd give the Mogul a try.

    Honestly, the palm is so much EASIER to use in all regards.

    -slide out keyboard isnt for me
    -two handed operation sucks
    -treo is more simplistic, and gets the job done.
    -WinMo is "laggy" ...not entirely slow, but not as snappy as the PalmOS
    -cannot find an email program nearly as customizable as chatter (different smtp profile)

    bottom line: Used the Mogul for 3 days, now back to my trusty 755P

    Wasted 3 days on the Mogul...taken my time away from work.

    To each his own, but the Mogul is not for me.
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    Yeah it's weird, the Mogul keyboard is larger, but it's actually harder to use.

    WM sucks for mobile operation (less hotkeys, closing apps is far more annoying and requires 3rd party software unless they bundle it in the rom). Outlook is pretty good though, but if you don't use or like outlook you don't have a lot of choices.

    Managing the memory so you don't run OOM can get pretty annoying too.

    I wish the Treo supported EVDO rev A though.
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    Mogul = pda first phone second
    Treo = phone first pda second

    (i know we hear that so many times, but I thought I give the Mogul a try)

    -btw, I'm not a first time WinMo user either..been using it since wm2002 or 3.. i forget which one.

    ALSO, switched from treo to 6700 SPrint as well ..but I keep coming back to the treo.

    I guess I have grass is greener syndrome.

    I just wish Palm does something special..bc this phone and OS is so outdated. -->but its so dam useful!

    Palm OS is like crack, once you start you cant quit.
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    I still have a Mogul and will activate it every now and then thinking I want to go back to WM. Each time, I last a couple of days and activate my Centro, or 755, again. I don't like watching the hypnotic circle each time I launch an app or open an email or document. Palm OS may be called simple and old, but the bottom line, it does work and is much faster than WM.
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    More specifically WM6. I tried out WM5 on the mogul and it is much snappier (although has less features and doesn't look as nice).

    WM6 needs some serious revision.

    Would really be nice to have some simple fluff tweaks to Palm OS, such as letting you add custom system alert sounds (Koolsounds causes problems for me) and letting you remove files that are in the ROM, even though I'm sure neither of those are on a to-do list for them. They also might as well buy Zlauncher and bundle it with the ROM...
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    well, i have really no complaints with the speed...

    3rd party Roms really makes the mogul speed up.. I've tried them all (No2checm, DCD, NexVision)

    My complaint is purely the "easiness" and one handed operation of a treo.

    The Mogul is a SERIOUS powerful device. -It blows the Palm feature wise..But I rely my phone heavily for work, so I need something practical.

    To each his own.

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