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    Less than a year ago I purchased the "GPS Navigator (TomTom Navigator 6) smartphone edition 3" package from PALM. The package included a very nice Vehicle power adapter for the smartphone and GPS receiver ... it plugs into the cigarette lighter and provides power to the GPS receiver and Treo 650 at the same time via. (split) 2 power cords.

    All of a sudden the power adapter quit working.

    I need to find a replacement. Can anyone provide guidance on where I can locate one of these adapters? The label on the side of the adapter says:
    PALM P/N 157-10075-00
    REV A 0306
    Manufacturer: Northstar
    Input: 12vdc 15W
    Output 5.2vdc 2A max
    Made In China
    IC NO: NSE10605002


    BTW ... PALM customer support/customer service has been giving me the run-a-round for 3 months ... so I thought I'd try my luck here.
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    One of these just fell into my lap recently. Want to trade something?
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    Thanks for the offer but I've moved on to using a DROID from Motorola (Verizon) and as such I'm no longer in need of the cable.

    Thanks anyway!
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    Mike if your still here, and you still have the cord, and it will work with my GPS receiver I just might be interested.

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