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    I have the same question as Treo Musketeers...does it disable all the favorites settings for speed dialing?
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    Type Right seems to be the same thing as Butler's KeyLaunch
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    I like it esp since I can turn off the 1st option since I have favorites set, but I love the on top ability!!!

    Two questions...what does the Accessorizer do? I see I have to have it for FastLaunch to work, but what does that .prc actually do...what does 'Generate!' do?

    And what's the difference b/w Apps and Desk Accessories (I don't have Z or it related to that)? (Sorry if these are dumb questions)
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    FL 1.10 is a quick launcher for Treo/Centro devices: just hold the first letter of the app or DA you want to launch, and you get a popup list.

    Version 1.10 includes exclusion lists. It also shows battery life.

    As always, updates for existing users are free. Just turn off (but don't delete) the old version, and install the new trial on top of it, and it will register.
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