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    I have tried to download Diet Assistant to my new AT@T Centro. I have tried both from my backupold and a new download. Both times I get the message that "the food database file is not installed or is incorrectly installed to a storage card. Install the food database file and all appliecation files to main handheld memory."
    I have installed the program to the handheld. With FileZ I can see the program is on the phone and nothing is on the card. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.
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    Assuming that you're referring to Diet & Exercise Assistant, then you also need to restore the following items:

    FoodDB.prc -- Food Database Companion application
    DEA-FoodDB.pdb -- food database

    In all liklihood, you'll want to restore DEA-AppDB.pdb as well.
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    Don't know, could this be a program that has to run in memory vs card? Mine runs fine on my 755p, but I run it from the card. Also assuming the same program.
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    Just received e-mail from Keyoe support. Told me to just install one prc. file, not the upgrade. It worked. I installed to handheld. Thanks for your help.

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