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    Lately when I receive a phone call from someone that is in my contacts it will show up as unknown. This does not happen all the time but the majority. This will happen on one call with a friend and then the next call with the same friend it will have the name as it is stored in my phone. When I end the phone call it doesn't ask me to save the number. I assume this is because that is detects that the number is already saved. I have checked to see if I have duplicate entries for the number and I don't. Anyone have any ideas as to why this could be happening? I appreciate your help.
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    The only thing I can think about is whomever is calling you is blocking their caller ID. My girlfriend's phone from work does that, and she can't control it...and another friend that has a Treo, she puts the block on in the settings...really annoying for me, but that's what I figure.
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    I had thought about that but the number is displayed but it comes up as "Unknown Caller". if the caller was blocking the number then the number would come up.
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    Had this same problem. After reading the forums, took one users advice and uninstalled Ringo Pro. Instantly the ID's came back. I have since reinstalled Ringo Pro and the problem did NOT come back.

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