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    Palm Desktop by ACCESS 6.2 for Windows and HotSync Manager 7.0

    According to the download page, this is not compatible with Tablet PC windows edition, has anyone tried it and had any problems. Or does nobody at Palm have a tablet and not tested it yet.
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    i have an x41t ibm with 05 tablet XP installed.....i didn't even know what version i had until i saw this thead. after checking i have 7.0.2 version and it works fine.

    i keep getting an error when it backs stuff up. this is what it tells me:


    Protocol Error: Handheld file could not be opened. (4004)


    but i think that's specific to my phone. everything else works fine. i have NVbackup on there so it backs up my whole phone. So just 1 file doesn't back up, everything else works great.

    it's quite different with respect to user interface. i guess it's pretty cool.

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