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    Opera 4 Mini Works! Looks pretty good!
    13 minutes later ...

    On Second thought, not very stable, froze after like 6 links.
    A little too happy - TOO QUICKLY?

    Idealy, people should first research, then install app, try it a few days, play around with app settings, etc. before jumping to too-fast-too-excited!! conclusions. But ...
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    Not surprising. Ben
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    Ive actually been using their latest release (beta writing from it now) and seems to be the best so far. If you hit alt you actually get the keyboard. It seems a little more stable but it did freeze up about every ten minutes of so of use.

    So far I've turned the settings down to 1mb memory and 4kb or 4mb for stack size n using double buffering and no eeze ups so far even after 40 minutes of browsing the web.

    But like always I know it will freeze or do something undesired pretty soon.
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    Thanks for the heads up on version 4.1. I am trying it out now.

    If they fixed the stability issues that would be awesome.
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    I believe most of the instability is the sucky JVM, which isn't fixable since they aren't updating it for palm.
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    We might be getting a little help on that! A developer is supposed to be making changes to the palm java app to take better use of Opera Mini.

    Also on a good site note. You "CAN COPY AND PASTE" into opera mini.(at least on the latest release you can) It takes a couple more button presses though.

    1. You copy like normal from email mms etc.

    2. You open up Opera and tap twice on the top adress bar. (first time highlights the web adress bar the second tap opens up the history window inderneath.

    3. At the very bottom of the history list there is a line that says "Insert Symbol" Select that. (that will bring up a notepad type page that says enter adress)

    4. While in the enter adress page press alt to bring up keyboard

    5. Hit the menu key with the keybord still on screen and then you can paste!

    It doubles the steps to copy and paste but for those long web address or links from emails that Blazer just fails on it definately worth it.
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    Thatd be great if jvm was improved. Until they do so I don't even want it on my phone.
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    I agree with Papped - it has to be a lot more stable in order to be considered worth using on a routine basis and also control of all of those files created - it can become a nightmare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OLD_HATCH View Post
    We might be getting a little help on that! A developer is supposed to be making changes to the palm java app to take better use of Opera Mini.
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    Looks like Dmitry is working on some patches for the JVM.

    Maybe there's a glimmer of hope for Opera Mini on Palm after all...
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    What I've found about stability is: when the Internet connection is instable (which is always the case with cellular), Opera Mini does not know what to do and freezes up. It has nothing to do with JVM memory and stack tweaking, so don't waste your time on that direction.

    On the other hand, Gmail does not have this issue. If it sees a bad connection, it drops immediately with a pop up error message. OM cannot see a bad connection and runs into an endless loop.

    I've been running OM and gmail on my Moto Q on the same JVM (J9), not a single bit of problem.

    When data connection is broken, somehow the Palm OS does not inform the JVM and OM in the way OM is expecting. This is the nature of the OM instability, at least seems to me so far. Opera is the one to be blamed, because gmail can do well under the same condition.
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