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    I am using AIM through the built in IM application for the Sprint Centro. For some reason, I cannot select a buddy with the stylus or 5 way nav pad. When I want to send an IM I have to select “Send IM” from the menu. When the person replies, I cannot select the conversation using the stylus or 5 way pad either. I have to again select “Send IM” from the menu and input a screename and then the conversation will pop up. Am I doing something wrong or is their limited functionality with this application? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    if you're just using it for aim, you should check out Toccer. its free! I've used it since I had my 600. it uses data, unlike the built in centro app which uses SMS (yuck!)
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    Ok I'll definetly check it out. I have unlimited text so it's not a big deal to use SMS unless there's another advantage to using data. I just want the program to be easy to use!!! Thanks.

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