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    I got a replacement red Centro and was glad that the new one had a straight screen unlike the old one, but the new screen has a bit of a pink tint. Has anyone else noticed this?
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    Is it only pink when it's on fully brightor whenever?
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    It seems to be pinkish all the time, I compared against a 755p as well and it was definitely whiter than mine.
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    Don't know about the Centro, but on older Thinkpads a pink screen is often the first sign of problems with the backlight. If I were you I'd be getting in touch with them again and letting them know that there may be a problem.
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    One of my 4 Centros had a purple tint to it.
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    I've had Treos with tints from green-ish to blue-ish to purple-ish to pink-ish. They have bad QC with these things. Even the keypad backlighting on some of my Treos have had certain color tints.
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    I've messed with 2 pink centros before, yes there is a pinkish tint to it compared to my black centro.

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