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    Just switched from a 1GB card to a 16gb SDHC Class 6 card. Last night, i added about 7GB of music or so, via Card Reader to my card. When I went to ptunes, i could play the music, but when I went to the section that lists all the songs(so I can make a playlist), the pop-up box came up saying "searching for music" and it continued to do so on and on.

    So, I went to the card, and realized i copied all the music to the main directory and not an "Audio" folder. Since there wasn't an "Audio" folder built in, I added it and moved the music into it. Now, when I go to pTunes, I get a popup saying "ptunes doesn't recognize______ song. Ignore or delete file? So I delete the file, it goes to Ptunes, but there is no music in the ptunes screen to be found. I then get the "Searching for music..." popup endlessly, which freezes my phone. What should I do?
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    drm or plain mp3s?
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    that's the thing-I think MOST, but not all, should be plain mp3's, with a smattering of other formats in there.
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    When you say it freezes your phone, what do you mean? It is going to take a while to search a 16gb card for 7gb of music. It may also take even longer the first time. I would give it a lot of time, maybe 20-30 minutes, the first time. Otherwise, I would format the card in the Treo, then take it out, install the music and see what happens. It's so great the the Treo substitute for an Ipod, even though the interface is not as good as Apple.
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    Perhaps I do need to wiat longer for it to load, such as 30 mins, BUT, after setting it up, I'd get an error message saying the card needs to be reformatted. THe 16gb card doesn't seem to stay mounted. Frustrating, b/c I did get it to work for a little while, then it disappears.

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