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    If you don't mind me asking what is a PRL and how do I check to see which version do I have and if it needs to be updated?

    I don't have too many drop calls, not any more. I use to call *2 and request a drop call credit and after doing it a few times, my drop calls seem to drop. At times I do have problems connecting to the internet or streaming music.

    I just to want to call sprint and ask for a prl update and not know what it means. Although lately I've been having better success with emailing them.
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    Definition from

    The PRL is called the Preferred Roaming List. It is a file in your phone that has a list of all roaming providers Sprint works with. When a phone cannot find a Sprint signal, it checks the PRL for the first available provider.

    Keeping the PRL up-to-date is not critical. However, savvy users chose to update their PRLs because it provides for faster roaming signal acquisition, improved international roaming, and, on EV-DO devices, better acquisition of EV-DO data services. To update your PRL, contact data support, or call customer service and ask to be transferred there. Customer service is generally not informed on PRL updates, and may not be able to assist you directly.

    Also, contrary to the education of many Sprint customer service employees, you cannot call *2 and ask the automated system for a PRL update. A rep must "flag" your account for update. At which time, you must then call back to *2 on the device. The *2 system will detect your phone needs to be updated, and will route you to the proper update system to update your device.
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    Thank for you quick response and I educating me regarding the subject.

    This is the reason why I like coming to this site.

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