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    recieved a treo 700p Bell mobility today from ebay, when I tapped on the camera it comes up with(unable to launch camera because no camera is present in device) but there was some pictures when I first went to PIC&VIDEOS and now they are gone.There is a camera lense on the back of the phone. How do I find out for sure if there is a camera or has it has been disabled?
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    Was it advertized as being sans camera? The warning you are getting is the only clue that I am aware of that the camera is either not present or is disabled. The pics you saw could have been loaded on the device rather than having been taken by the device.

    Only taking the device apart is the only other way I have heard of to check.

    If you wanted a working camera on board, I would say start a return process immediately.
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    yes it was quoted as having a camera, I got in touch with the seller and he replied that they all have cameras.Checked out with PALM.COM and there is some without cameras, I have informed the seller of this and he has not responded. THANKS
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    Try a hard reset . . . . to see if the warning goes away. . .. ..if the warning does not go away with a hard reset . . . . . the seller should take it back for you . . .. . that would be my expectation.

    Good Luck.
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    did the hard reset and comes up with the same results, thanks for the info.
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    Received A Email From Seller And He Claims That It Has A Camera And Taking It Apart Will Void Any Deal. Is There Any Other Way To Find Out Other Than Taking It Apart.i Guess He Does No Want To Reverse The Deal. Does Anyone Know If The Treo 700p Without The Camera Have The Photo Lense On The Back
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    Whether it has a camera or not. . . .it is missing, disabled or mal-functioning. It is not what you desired to purchase.

    He should take it back or replace it.

    He is correct. . .taking it apart would void the warranty. . . . . however, if he is worried about the warranty being voided . . . he shouldn't be worried about taking it back. . . it is apparently under warranty . . .and he should then be able to get it replaced.
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    Any luck with the seller on the return?
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    So I did a little searching and at least found an article similar to your problem here

    Maybe it will work for you maybe not.

    Good Luck.


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