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    I have attempted this before with no luck, but I decided to give it a try today.

    I have my laptop setup with Ubuntu 8.04 beta. Everything is working (including my wireless internet - with a little messing around) and I am VERY happy with it.

    What I am looking to do is setup the sync from my Treo 700P to the laptop. Either through the USB cable, or even through Bluetooth, or IRDA (which the laptop supports both).

    Does anyone have any suggestions about the process, or about which might be the easiest approach to take to make it work. If I can get this laptop to do everything I am planning on building my desktop computer into a standup arcade unit (or possibly a sit down one) that I would use for old-school gaming and internet access...

    Thanks in advance!
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    I am also trying to get my Treo650 hotsync with Ubuntu 7.10, by using network hotsync. My treo did connected to Ubuntu, and hotsync did started, but I found there's no "desktop application" for that to hotsync with, It is strange for me not able to find gnome-pilot application even after reinstalling the package, and I don't want to use evolution.

    Try to look for the following links:
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    The easiest approach is to use Evolution and USB. I don't remember doing anything special to set it up. It works.
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    I am running Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10. Although I am running Gnome, I installed Kontact and synced up my Treo 650 using k-pilot. Installing Kontact (a KDE app) involves putting some extra software that essentially duplicates what Gnome does but for the KDE environment. K-pilot was a little tricky but worked, and most importantly for me kept the appropriate labels for my contact information. If you try to import a .csv file you'll get them all scrambled if you've ever used the pull-down menus in your Treo to change the label for an email or number.

    When I get home tonight I'll check to confirm that Evolution also keeps the correct contact information when it syncs.

    I have also had problems with Custom 1-4 fields in Evolution and Kontact. Be aware that you may need to tweak your settings to get them to sync.

    Vixensjlin, the gnome-pilot application is the conduit for syncing your Treo, but is not the same as Palm Desktop. You have to point it at an application. If you don't want to use Evolution or it's KDE sibling Kontact, you might like J-Pilot ( I think J-pilot looks very nice but I want my PIM data in the same place as my email so it's out for me.

    I will report back in to this thread once I've checked out some of the issues above.
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    I checked. Evolution doesn't sync the fields correctly with my existing Treo information. I don't know if there's a way to make it sync them correctly. My experience with using gnome-pilot to sync my Treo with Evolution is that any field that I've changed on my phone using the pulldown menus for the contact field syncs incorrectly.

    Kontact seems to read them correctly even when I've changed a label for the contact on the phone. I do have duplicate calendar items, but I think that is my own error when I set up the sync.

    I have not tried J-Pilot, but you can see from the web page I posted earlier that it's a pretty well-developed application complete with some handy plugins. J-Pilot does have the advantage of working with your Datebk6 settings if you are using that on your Treo.

    If you want to use an Outlook-style program to manage your PIM data, I'd go with Kontact. If you want to go with a Palm Desktop style, try J-Pilot. When I was trying to decide which program to use (between Evolution and Kontact), I set the sync for PDA overrides PC and then ran hotsync. I compared contact info with my fields to check that they were syncing correctly. I intend to stick with Kontact.

    One major caveat: although I think there is a technical fix out there, the 4 custom fields on your Palm don't sync to either Evolution or Kontact (as far as I can tell). If you don't use them much, that may not be a big deal, but if you do you can move the data to the "Notes" field and it will sync. I think the Birthday field has the same problem, but I'm not sure.

    In order to sync with Kontact, you'll need to make sure K-Pilot is installed. If you have any issues, feel free to respond to this thread or send me a private message and I'll try to help.

    Sorry not to be more definitive in my responses, but I'm working through this right now myself.

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