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    I recently gave my girlfriend my 700p after replacing it with a new phone. I can't believe how mumbled she sounds when talking to me from that phone. She sounded very clear on her old flip phone. Any fixes to this? She loves having the PDA but hates many people telling her that they can't understand her.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    does this happen with a hand free kit also? That would rule out a problem with the phone radio. I'm guessing it is the way she holds the phone up to her face. She probably puts the mic in a poor position.

    How do other people sound on the phone? Also mumbled?
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    Thanks for your response. The mumble goes away when she uses a corded earpiece. It sounds very clear that way. Any ideas to fixing the actual phone mic?

    Thank you again!

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    if she holds the phone up to her face differently, does it change the mumble? If someone else uses the phone, does it change the mumble?

    I'm honestly thinking it is the way she is holding her phone. I had this happen to a friend when they switched from a flip phone. (AKA the earpiece to mic was significantly shorter on the new phone than their old one and it took some adjustments of habits.

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