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    I've searched the forums, didn't find anything.
    The phone wallpaper, does anyone know what the exact resolution is for the "Phone Display Options"?

    I deleted the default pictures that the phone came in and didn't check what resolution they were.

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    should be 320X320
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    well the screen is 320x320, but the phone app, if you put a 320x320 picture, the top and bottom gets cropped out by the onscreen buttons, time, date, etc..
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    yes. but the phone app's display is not consistant. A 320X240 is not big enough if you only have 2 bars worth of information. It might be if you have some other things showing on the screen. Essentially you are going to have to measure with a ruler the size space you want to cover. Figure out the ratio of that against your 320X? picture.
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    or make it a bit bigger?
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