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    Suddenly, my 700p won't hotsync. It just goes to log history no matter what I do, including removing the battery. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    Maybe explain a little more. You push the hotsync button and is it just auto canceling, is it hotsyncing for second, or is it not even turning on.

    Once I had a solitaire program that was stopping me from hotsyncing. So I will tell you what I would do. Download a program called Rescobackup. Do a full back up to your memory card. Then Hard reset, see if it syncs. If it does you know it is a program that is become corrupted. If it doesn't fix it. Then it is either the phone, the cable, or hotsync itself. Then I would uninstall hotsync and reinstall. Still no fix, then try a new cable. Still no fix go get a new phone with the 1 year factory defect warranty and tell them to upgrade you to the 755p for free.
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    Which version of Palm Desktop and HotSync are you usiing???
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    Have you tried a soft reset?

    I recently had a hotsync issue. It didn't matter how I tried. It was like I wasn't doing anything (i.e. no reaction from computer or handheld) no matter how I tried to initiate the hotsync. I tried restarting my computer, but no luck there.

    Only a soft reset of the handset fixed it.

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