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    I am trying to do the treo 600 sprint --> verizon switch. The problem is none of the programs to use recognize my phone. it appears as if the connection between the two is not made unless i hit the hotsync button, and then it stil does not even show up on my computer, it just sync's and is done.

    I am following the directions here:

    Any Help?

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    Are you definitely using a 9-pin serial cable instead of the USB cable? I haven't looked back at the instructions to see if this is no longer required.
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    I looked now, and I see that HichHiker already told you about the serial cable, as well as offered you a Verizon Treo 650.

    Well, the only other assistance I can offer is the following:
    1. I can offer you a Verizon Treo 600. Not as attractive as the 650, but hey, it's an option. PM me if interested if you're interested in purchasing it... I've been a bit lazy about getting it onto eBay.
    2. I can offer you a serial cable. I had successfully 'Verizonized' my Sprint Treo 600 before I decided to purchase the Verizon version. Incidentally, I've also confirmed just yesterday that I was able to successfully 'un-Verizonize' that same Treo. PM me with an offer that will keep me from being lazy if interested.
    3. I can offer you answers to questions that you may have, but I make no guarantees regarding how good the answers will be.
    Who's flying this thing?

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