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    Having a handfull of users on Treo and Goodlink 4.9.3
    Whenever an employee gets moved and change phone and title it changes after a little time in AD and Outlook in the GAL, but not in GL.
    If I set up a totally new Treo/GL user they get the newest GAL immediately, but the "old" users keep seeing the old phone/title.
    Also, previous employees does not disappear eventhough they don't exist in GAL anymore?
    How can the AD/GAL be forced to update on the Treos/GL?

    Is it a setting I'm missing or is it a bug?


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    Curious, does a Debug/Reprov sync it up again?

    If so, it's more of a workaround than a fix.
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    No, a reprov does not sync it up again.
    I don't know about a debug. Let me try. (debug: reprov | y | enter)
    No, it didn't sync it up.
    GoodGuy any ideas?
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    How about a soft reset? Just a shot in the dark but maybe once you look something up it plants itself in the device memory?
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    Tried that too.
    Same result.
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    I have seen that as well and just assumed it was a "feature" so you can remember the departed

    Let me see if I can find out anything.
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    He he, could be.
    But the problem gets really sticky when Jane takes over John's position and Mr. Smith takes Jane's position only the new people in the company gets the phone numers right. The rest keeps calling the new guy Mr. Smith on Jane's old number and Jane doesn't get any calls because theyt know John is gone! :-D
    Thanks for looking into it. :-)
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    If you delete the contact on your device (don't worry, it will only delete from your local copy of Good, not from AD), then do a lookup against the GAL, the new changes will show up.

    Hope this helps!
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    Good Admin too
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    thanks for the tip, but this 'solution' is not doable for the whole organization. I can't have to ask each user to delete and search everytime some thing change.
    There has to be some way to push it.

    GoodGuy, any luck in your search?

    in anticipation... :-)

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