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    I purchased a SPE Flip case for my Treo 650 a few years ago--late 2005.

    One day I sat down and forgot about the arms of the chair--the treo got caugt on the arm and the clip broke. I paid for a replacement clip.

    When it arrived, I noticed that it was VERY tight getting the phone on and off the clip. But I figured that it would loosen up over time--that was less than two weeks ago.

    Today, it just flat out refused to come off. I called SPE and was advised to keep trying. To push harder, to pull harder, to try wiggling it back and forth.

    It did EVENTUALLY come off. But now because of all the pushing and pulling, the little disk that the post screws in to has become TOTALLY dislodged.

    Once the case was off the clip, I unscrewed the post and tried sliding it in and out of the clip without the case. It's still extremely tight and on several tries, it has taken 6-10 tries to get the post out of the clip. This tells me that it is in fact a defective clip and/or post.

    So I went from having a case that was in EXCELLENT condition but just didn't have a clip, to having a case that will not work with a clip and an offer of a replacement clip. And this is having PAID for the priviledge of buying this clip!

    EDIT: I was just getting read to post this and decided to call them one more time. The last rep agreed to credit me for the defective clip. So it's a little less of an annoyance. But I've still got a case that I can't use with a belt clip now--because of the defective clip.

    Oh and you'll LOVE this one--she told me that she's surprised the case has even held up this long. if they don't expect their product to least that long, then I'll be looking for a different case manufacturer!
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