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    I have about 7 Treo 755p's deployed to various users. All of which I have gave a taste of Good 5.x to. Clean installs, latest version, latest firmware, yada yada.

    Every single one of them has practically come back and thrown the device on my desk, and said take this POS back and give me Good 4.x back.

    I tried 5.x again just to confirm. Yep - it still makes me want to throw the device across the room.

    Come on guys, from what I see in my good console, there have been 4, yes FOUR 5.x updates released already. Obviously none of them did anything!


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    I have a 700p, and same thing. I can't stand the lag.
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    I think Good Guy has left the building... He hasn't had a post in about a month or so... Darn it.
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    Yes 5.0 is a resource hog and can be frustrating.

    I have a 750w so my advice might not help but here is what I have heard/seen to improve performance:

    Disable autocomplete/word complete (I am not sure how this works with a POS device because it has been so long but on my WM6 device it makes a difference.

    Disable the RSS feeds--consensus seems to be that they too hog resources.

    Keep as much free memory on your device as possible--put whatever you can on an SD card.

    Soft reset your device frequently, such as in the mornings--reboot is quick and it is the best way to clean/compact RAM.

    I know with a WM device you can manage RAM but with a POS I am at a loss.

    Lastly--GoodGuy does seem to have left the building which is too bad because he was a great resource--not a willing particpant when it came to trouble shooting but he always could get you the "company line answer"

    Unfortunately Good's technical support is horrendous. I can honestly say that for me the 5.0 works great--better than my colleagues and friends with Blackberries but I have found no way to get a question answered unless I post it here and someone--generally a Good admin--jumps in to help.
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    I have not left the building. I have been extremely swamped lately and apologize for the lack of responses, however, it has appeared that several users have taken the reins in helping out.

    As for the resource use on devices, this is nothing new, unfortunately. All I can say is that the resource issue is being looked at right now. I can't provide a date/time when any fixes to that issue will happen.
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    Thanks for the info GoodGuy, glad to hear you are still with us and monitoring the threads. This forum is a valuable resource for us, and I hope Good continues to acknowledge that.

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