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    Quote Originally Posted by TimmyB View Post
    Congrats, Kevin. So, why did you order it? Didn't they have any at the store you could actually buy?
    I didnt want white! I ordered the black one and I like it! I think Im going to have to put something on it since its so shiny and finger print prone. So far I like it but I just got it all charged up and swapped the sim card. Very snappy and I like how simple it is to use. Im curious, where are the built in IM clients? I dont see them! Does the GSM Centro not have them? If not can I get them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stalloneeh View Post
    so far so good...


    However, the one pain in the **** is the earpiece speaker. It's a tiny hole and if your ear is slightly off from this, you hear virtually nothing.

    Hmm, even in regular phone mode (without the loudspeaker on) I can hear it - if not understand it - from about 30 feet away; so I think that either your little Centro doesn't work properly, or your ears aren't quite as sharp as they used to be (at 54, neither are mine, but good enough for the Centro!)

    Have you tried any of the various programs that promise to "break the sound barrier" or such like on the Centro?

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