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    Awhile back I had a friend who sent me a SMS. When it arrived to the phone I went to check it. As I opened our conversation, my phone crashed. I tried to delete the conversation but every time I try to do anything to that conversation the phone crashes. I looked on the internet for similar problems and found nothing. I gave up and just accepted the fact that I couldn't access the conversation for that contact. The preview of the text when it first comes in doesn't crash the phone so I have that 1 time to look at the message.

    It's been a few months with that problem but this week my phone has been crashing a lot. It seems to be connected to SMS's. I now have several conversations that crash my phone and when some of those contacts send me messages, my phone crashes as the message comes in and I never receive the SMS.

    Sorry for the short novel. I don't know what to do and need help. I'm ready to wipe my phone clean and start over again if I can't find a fix.

    Sprint 755p
    SLC UT
    I have tried a hard reset with no luck.
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    google for a program called "filez" for the palm OS.

    1) Load filez to your treo
    2) locate a file called messagesDatabase (or something simialr i forget) ...delete it

    Basicallty, your messages database is coruppted, you need to rebuild it.

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    edit: just read that you tried a hard reset and it didnt work? hmm..if you are starting from a FRESH treo and it crashes, its bad hardware..

    Did you try flashing the unit with the latest firmware?

    (try my messages DB delete first though)
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    Yeah if a hard reset doesn't work it's got nothing to do with sms...
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    My info was missleading. I did a hard reset and then synced my old info back onto my phone. I'm sure if I started fresh I'd be ok. Is there anyway to delete specific conversations on the PC and then sync my old info? I'd like to avoid deleting all conversations but if that the only answer....
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    Unless the sms conversations are stored in separate files, I doubt it.

    Seems like they would likely be stored in a single database.
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    yeah your best bet is to delete the file mentioned above and you should be fine.. the same thing happend to my wifes 700p and I deleted the messages db and it fixed her problem.
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    Is there anyway to open a pdb file on my pc? That way I can just retrive the text from my conversations. I've tried to copy the text over but I keep getting the "Clipboard Limit Exceeded" message. My 650 didn't have a clipboard limit. Lame.
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    Google for the free app CutPaste5.

    It has 3 clipboards that are much larger.

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    Treo 650: On a PC, you can use a program called SMS2CSV (I think) to read the messagesdatabase file and export the msgs to a text file. If you want to keep a record of one or all of your msgs, try that before deleting the file from your device. I've found that SMS2CSV can most times retrieve ALL the msgs from the file even after it gets corrupted like that (including the msgs you can no longer see on the treo).
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    SWEET! You guys are the best. sblanter's suggestion worked. Here's what I did.

    1) Copied "Messages Database.pdb" to my card using filez
    2) Tried using SMS2CSV online here ->
    -but my file was too big
    3) Dowloaded the SMS2CSV.exe file here ->
    - and followed the instuctions
    4) I unzipped the folder onto the desktop and then copied the "Messages Database.pdb" file into the same folder
    5) I've never ran script before so it took me a while to figure it out but this is the command sequence I had to use. It's a little different from the instuctions.
    - start->run->"c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe"
    - "Chdir C:\Documents and Settings\(YOUR NAME)\Desktop\sms2csv.05"
    - "sms2csv"
    - "sms2csv "Messages Database.pdb" > messages.csv"

    ALL 3531 Messages are there, including the ones that were crashing my phone before they even popped up on my phone. The Excel file has EVERYTHING. Sent or recieved, date, time, phone number, contact name, and message!

    A thing of beauty! I'll now delete the "Messages Database.pdb" file off my phone and let you know if the crashing stops. After thinking about it I use Butler on my phone too and that may also be causing these messages to corrupt. We'll see.

    Thanks again.
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    Glad it worked for you!

    One thing I've noticed (on a 650) is that corruption occurs when you receive an SMS when available dbcache is very low. The received message might not make it to the MessagesDatabase file. There appears to be an intermediate file, named SMSMessages2, that temporarily stores the msg before appending it to the MessagesDatabase file. If that happens, you will see that SMSMessages2 has a record count greater than 0. You can use SMS2CSV to recover any msgs from that intermediate file, too.

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