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    so i got the super slim case hybrid case i upgraded from the body glove case and now my screen is exposed i was wondering where i can get the best screen protectors at a good price
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    I highly recommend Boxwave's ClearTouch Crystal screen protectors.
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    I highly recommend Boxwave's ClearTouch Crystal screen protectors.
    And I highly second that! The best screen protector I've ever used.
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    The Boxwave product is excellent. However, I got tired of looking at my very crisp display through screen protectors a couple of years ago. I've gone w/o protection for 2 years and my 650 still looks great. If one uses a good stylus (never uses a pen or any piece of junk that is laying around) and uses good care, screen protectors are unnecessary. In fact, I found that the screen protectors get marked up faster and soon one is looking at a display that just isn't quite as sharp and clear as w/o the cover. I also dislike the difference in pressure required by a screen protector. I'm sure that this sounds like sacrilege to some of you, but the reality is that my 650 still looks great and will bring good $$ on eBay after I upgrade to the Centro.
    Mark Bergman

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