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    Hello- I am new to the Palm world so please be understanding with me! So far, I am loving my Treo. I have one problem I need help with. When I use the phone, ( get ready to laugh) I keep up by hanging up on myself by my earrings or the way I hold the phone hitting either the hang up or a number when the key pad is on . Is therea way to either to lock the phone during use so it does not hang up or--to not have the hang up or keypad on the touch screen.
    I know this sounds silly..but my contacts won't like this at all.
    I do want to stay ith my Treo..please help!!
    Thanks in advance ~
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    Welcome, go to:

    Preferences-> Keyguard->
    Check Disable Touchscreen When: "Incoming calls recieved" and "On a call"

    You will not be able to use the touchscreen at all (while you are on a call). You will have to use the buttons to hang up, speakerphone, hold, or go to other screens.
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    Isn't there a way to lock the screen while you are on a call?

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