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    I first noticed that my Unlocked 680, when using bluetooth to connect to my Japanese version 2007 Honda Civic bluetooth handsfree <(the 2.12APR (asia pacific region) FW update) (official Treo680 APR APR updater buildnumber=1 built on Thu 12/20/2007 at 14:52:55.68 ...I flashed the ROM from an SD card, not the desktop)> crashed the phone as soon as it went to sleep. When I tried to wake the phone up, call it, or do anything with it, it was dead, yet it still seemed to hold the bluetooth connection to the car, as the car's handsfree connection center indicates a connection.

    I was able to make a call using the handsfree as long as the screen hadn't gone dark. After I ended a call, if the screen was dark, the phone wouldn't respond to any command or take any further calls.

    Then I noticed that even without being paired to any bluetooth device, if BT was on, the phone went to zombie mode once the screen went to sleep. I say zombie because the battery drains at a rate comensurate with a bluetooth connection being on. Any ideas here? Were there bluetooth problems (yes there are other issues i.e. battery etc.) before people upgraded their firmware to 1.12. I'm thinking about rolling back to the old firmware. I want to keep my APR firmware, rather than use ROW, as Chinese is occasionally useful to me here in Taiwan. I see a few posts about other bluetooth probs, but this seems to be the 680, not the device it's paired to that has the problem. I'm assuming more than a few of us APR's read this forum.

    My old 650 had no problem with the same car's handsfree setup, or BT in general. I kinda miss it. It seemed faster than the 680 too. Nasty antenna and size, but at least it was bug free. My old 600 would reboot if you got a no caller ID. My 180's speaker wire broke....Why do we allow ourselves to be in this dysfunctional enabling relationship with this company that only cares about enriching it's founders through synergistic spinoffs and other tomfoolery? And Vistaesque re purposing of home menus. Oh sorry...I was ranting...duh buh chi
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