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    I had to do a hard reset on my 755p (after the new Agendus software crashed it). Now, when I go to sync with my computer, all apps that were previously on my 755p are not brought over. It's like it's not recognizing my Sync Name. I have apps like Quicken, ListPro, etc. Also, I added a new prc and hot synced and that app didn't load. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    You can go into the Hotsync Icon and select applications. There click on the various Hotsync categories and hit configure, that will allow you to have the handheld over-ride the desktop or visa-versa. I would recommend you get an SD card and a backup program, (NVBackup is free), so that you don't have this problem in the future. Then you merely schedule nightly backups and can have different sets of backups and then when there is a problem, you simply backup to the set you want. Good luck!

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