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    Anyone have any recomendations for FM Transmitters? I want ot use my T700p and pTunes to play music in my car. I guess I could use one of those old-skool casette adaptors (my G35 has both cd & cassette)...but an FM trasmitter would allow me to use it anywhere I hve a FM radio...recomendations?
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    Not an answer to your question, but I went with the cassette adapter, the batteries for the FM transmitter, and the static are a nuisance... The adapters are inexpensive too. Only problem: some players don't allow routing of the input wire.
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    My husband just purchased the Seidio FM Transmitter for my car. You do need to buy an additional adapter to fit the headphone jack, but it works great. There is no need to worry about it eating batteries because it plugs into your cigarette lighter. GOOD LUCK!
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    I second the recommendation for the casette adapter. I used mine for years, worked great. With the FM transmitters, I always had issues.
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    Kensington makes some really good ones. I have used the Kensington with an Ipod and it produces great sound. The have a model that is just a 3.5 plug that would work for the Treo (with an adapter).
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    walmart sells an fm transmitter in the auto section that plugs into your cigarette lighter. It works great. Static is minimal. No batterys needed. Only 29.99.

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    Monster also makes a good one, no static, plugs into cigarette lighter.

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