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    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to download a previously recorded voice mail message to either the memory card or to the phone directly?
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    I used the free trial from simulscribe, it can do this. All voicemails are transcribed into text and sent to you via email or text msg. The email has the actual voicemail attached to it if you want to listen to it or you can go online and play it. Very nice program. Just didn't see it cost effective for i donn't get that many voicemails, the nice thing about it is you can read your voice mail not offending anyone as oppossed to holding the phone to your ear to get it, as if your in a meeting, looking at a pda is common, but holding the phone to your ear is rude.Hope this helps.
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    You could probably play your voicemail over the hands-free speaker and use the built-in VoiceMemo app to record it.

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