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    I have an issue with my GSM Centro and need some confirmation whether you guys have it as well.

    When I pop out the battery for a reset, the system time alwaus jumps back a couple of minutes. For example, it's 18:48 now, and when I pop out the battery shortly, the system time will change to 18:23 after the reset.

    Anyone familiar with this problem?
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    Gazpacho I see that all the time with my 755P. If you turn the phone on it calibrates with the network, if you have it set to do that, and then the time is ok. I have read about this happening with the 680 too. I see it all the time as I swap my batteries at least once a day and I don't feel it is anything to worry about.
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    Thanks for your answer, but no network over here in Holland supports the automatic time calibration-function of the Treo's, so you either need to install a program like TimeSync or adjust it manually.

    But all in all, this never happened with previous (NVFS) Palms, so how this bug slipped past quality control is a mystery to me.
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