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  • No Emal

    0 0%
  • Personal email

    26 89.66%
  • Work Email

    19 65.52%
  • A special email for my treo

    3 10.34%
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    Just getting a feel for what other do concerning EMAIL. It works great, just not sure to pull in my main personal email, or setup an account just for the treo.
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    I use it for my main personal email (Gmail) but occasionally use to pull my business email(I just forward it to my gmail account and Treo pulls it with the other, so technically just my personal) I find it very reliable and love the push with Chatter
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    I use it for personal email, using Sprint Mobile Email.

    I would use Versamail with EAS if I needed it for business (except that Vm forgets my passwords all the time for some reason).
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    yahoo(waiting for Imap), gmail imap, .mac, and exchange... jeez i have too many email accounts...
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    I use ChatterEmail for both business and personal accounts. The push works really well on my business account, and .Mac (IMAP) works great too.
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    I have 6 E-Mail accounts set up in VersaMail:

    Sprint provided e-mail (rarely used)
    Daughter #1
    Daughter #2
    (They like to access their email when we are out and about.)

    I have no need for push email at the moment . . . as I "pull" it when I am ready to read it.

    Cheers, Perry

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