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    what can i do , i am from romania and i can t use my treo650 to talk i dont have the imei code registered anymore , what can i do plss help me , srry for my english thank you i am waiting for advices
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    Try contacting your carrier if you have not already.
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    it dont exist in romania man anything else?
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    This is really weird is your SIM card in the phone?
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    I had the same exact issue till I realised that I had removed the sim card for cleaning.
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    no man my prob is realy heavy, somebody told me that i cant repair the phone , without the imei the phone si gone , it is unlock on vodafone. pls if know some solutions pls help me .
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    If the sim card is in the phone then you should be able to go to the phone, press the menu button, go to options, then phone info. Your IMEI Number should be there if the sim card is in.
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    man you don t undestand it is no imei in the phone with the sim or without
    it dissapear and the phone is dead without the imei code and on the back of phone cant be read it any suggestion
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    if im not mistaken, the IMEI number is also printed onto the GSM radio module inside the phone. check there.

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