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    the other day I noticed that my treo wasn't recognizing my card.
    I did a hard reset and then the card re appeared...
    I did a back up with NV...but some things have not been the same.

    My contacts, calender and tasks always fails upon hotsync now...

    I had reassigned my green key with Butler...that doesn't work now

    any help would be appreciated.

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    I'll copy over what I just said in the other post that you also posted in:

    To the OP, it sounds like you have a corruption issue with your Contacts. Get TealScan from (its still in beta so therefore free) and then run the scan and repair any corrupted PIM data. If it comes up with corrupted info, just simply hit the Info key and it will give you an option to fix it. Then run the Maintain function (which will find any orphan files, cleans out temp files, etc.). The maintain function is not perfect, so you have to be careful and ensure that the orphan data truly is orphan and not just a database for an app on the card, for example. Nevertheless, it is fairly easy to identify whether some of the files there are old or trial apps that have been left behind.

    Once you fix the PIM data, try HotSyncing again and see if it works. If you still can't sync, go into the HotSync icon on your desktop and hit the applications button, then try hotsyncing everything but contacts, and then hotsync again with everything including contacts. If that doesn't work, then set whichever end you have more confidence in as being the most complete contacts list (handheld of desktop) to over-ride the other and hotsync again. You should've been able to correct the problem by this point.

    One other recommendation I would make to you is to get CardKeeper 1.31,75.html

    This will help keep your card from becoming invisible.
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    thank you so much, I am going to try this now!!

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