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    Tonight, Profile Care was in 'night time' mode, so the backlight was way down but I wanted to boost it up a bit to do something before bed..

    After much mucking around with Opt-P seemingly not doing anything, I did a soft reset. Still nothing... So I disabled Profile care. Suddenly it's obvious what Opt-P is doing.... what Opt-Menu does! Toggle the backlight high/low.

    Opt-Menu does nothing, Opt-P toggles. WTH?? So I warm reset, same thing. Just to make sure I wasn't crazy, I checked my wife's 680.. No, it's fine, works like I expect.

    So I soft reset again, still wacky. I've even tried deleting Saved Preferences and Unsaved Preferences and doing a warm reset. SAME!

    BTW, keyboard all works fine.. All keys work normally, just this key combination isn't! Also, I can control the backlight by launching the backlight button in ZLauncher, Palm Prefs, Profile Care adjusts the screen backlight itself fine, etc...

    Anyone heard of this?
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    No one? I might try a hard reset next but I can't imagine where I'd go from there..
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    DOH... Too aggressive with CleanStart.. Added the hidden Brightness program (?) and it's fine now... Whew!

    ODD that it persisted even on warm reset!

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