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    Title says it all.

    I'm using a 2GB SD card currently with no modified software on my 700px (experimental ). What is the biggest size and type (SD or SDHC) card anyone has tested successfully? If you're using a hack to enable a big card, please include a link, if able.

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    I have a hacked Sprint 700p to 755p...I'm using an A-Data 8gb SDHC card. It works fine.
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    I just did the conversion a few days ago and life is good. I am using a Transcend 8GB card with no issues...

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    I have been using Transcend 8G card even before the update. As far as I know even card capacity in excess of this will work BUT will only register as 4G UNTIL you go over the 4G capacity in content then will display correctly.


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    Has anyone tried a 16 or 32GB SD card?
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    I am successfully using a Sandisk Ultra II SDHC 16GB card.
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    Everyone posting above me is lucky, best I've ever been able to do w/o stability/loss issues is a normal SD (not SDHC) 4 GB card.
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    I've been using an 8GB SDHC Sandisk USB-plus on mine (700p with 755p OS)

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