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    Hi everyone,
    My girlfriend (no i'm not lieing...) has a Treo 700p but yesterday she started getting a strang issue. She could not pick up phone calls. When a call comes in no buttons work, the D pad won't work, and she misses the call. once the person hangs up the phone will unfreeze just in time for her to almost jab the stylus through the screen (i would love a picture of that.... with someone else's Treo).

    Is this normal? I searched but couldn't find anything...

    Thanks, Timmay
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    run the 755p crossflash on her treo and see if that fixes the issue... if it doesn't, you can always revert back using the revert rom posted in the crossflash threads
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    I had the same problem when the phone was in vibration mode. Turns out it didn't like the custom ringtone I had setup. When I changed the ringtone, everything worked again.

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