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    I am new to the Palm OS and also to the Palm 755p. I have had my phone for a few days. Haven't gotten into much of anything on it yet. I am I am sorry to say an old Windows user on my phone. But I have seen the light and switched to Palm. But unfortunatly I don't know any nice configurations, software, tips tricks hacks. Does anyone know of a link they can share that states some of these? I am truly interested to see what the 755p is capable of doing.

    Thanks in advance.
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    You might start by reviewing the Best Freeware, Best Utilities, and Favorite Apps threads in this forum. That will open some doors to possible apps you may want to get. Most third party apps that are shareware will allow you to trial the software for a period of time. So its a try before you buy thing. Good luck and welcome to the world of Palm.
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    These apps work on both the 755p and Centro
    Hide Applications
    - To use, go to Preferences, Applications.

    Call Duration Screen Removed
    - Rewrite over existing file, removes call duration screen and adds call duration to call log instead.
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