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    When I stream music from on my AT&T Centro, it starts up kinoma player to play music instead of Pocket Tunes. How do I disable Kinoma for this? I can't even find Kinoma Player in my phone with "all" catergories listed in the icon menu. And I have a registered copy of Ptunes 4.0.6 that has every format checked to play them.
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    from Charles@Kinoma: "Kinoma Media Embedded is really just a helper app, which is why Palm didn't make it launchable via its own icon." This is why you can't find any user interface to it. See post #49 in this thread for more info.

    On the Sprint Centro, starting on Pocket Tunes version 4.05, there is a new checkbox under Pref->External Media Prefs called "Handle Streaming Media". This seems to work on the Sprint Centro. I think it should work on the AT&T Centro too.

    See this thread for more information...see post 26
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