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    You are exactly right! So, that update DID work and I do have "Build 77." However, that has not fixed my complaints as Malatesta suggested.

    Malatesta, you said 4.0.7 fixed the issues. The thing is, the update URL says "versamail407", but when completed the 'about' page actually says VersaMail v. 4.0.1, Build 77. (That's the way the instructions show as well.) Is that the update you're referring to, or is there one that actually shows 4.0.7 when completed? (The one I did is the only one I can find on the Palm web site.)
    OK mine's running too, (this is the first I have heard about "Click the orange logo"). But in agreement with Mad Dog Mike, it still doesn't give the option for gmail for "As items arrive" which is the de facto notification that you are in true push mode. Checking even every 5 minutes isn't going to work, as that's what I had already. It's a battery drain a LOT more than EAS/Push. I deleted my gmail accounts from the Centro and re-set them up, still nothing.
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    try and get chatter email. there are workarounds to get it registered
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