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    It's sitting on my desk and it just wakes up, as if I touched a key or something. I notice, when it does this there's a good amount of signal strength. It's done this twice in the last 10 minutes, and several other times in the last couple of days (once, even, before I installed any software, I believe).

    What's up?

    The only app I have installed other than standard things is datebk6, which I can't imagine is responsible since when it does popups there's actually a popup.

    Ideas, anyone? Thanks.
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    Happens to mine on Sprint all the time as well. I was wondering the same thing.
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    It's not just the Centro. 680s (and possibly other Treos) do it too; I don't remember if my 650 did.
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    My Treo 750 does the same thing. I am suspecting it is caused by the Exchange AirSync but nobody confirm it.
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    600, 650, 700 has the same thing going on. I see it on my 755 at least 1 time every month.
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    I used my 650 for 3 years. Never saw it once on that. (Same carrier, AT&T.)
    Same software on my Centro, too.

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