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    My 755p has started a new thing now where certain names and numbers and the phones turns off and back on. I have been using these name and numbers in the past, answer please
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    It sounds like you have some corrupt data. There are a couple apps that I would recommend using. One is called TealScan that is still in beta (youo can find it at It will diagnose your PIM data and give you an option to repair it. Another one is called DBFixit. Its also diagnoses PIM DB problems, but you can't fix it unless you pay the $12.95 to purchase the app. Nevertheless, it is an excellent product. The cheapest way though would be to try TealScan.
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    I've had similar problems and the the paid version of dbFixIt fixed it perfectly. In addition, it cleaned up almost 10MB of empty phone records that had slowed the 755P to a crawl.

    Highly recommended.

    You can run the free version first, and it will tell you what it finds. You can then pay for the full version, and within 1-2 days they respond with the registration number that allowed the program to actually fix the date.

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