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    Quote Originally Posted by floridatony View Post
    ... a white one with green number keys 25% or less satisfied. ....
    white with gey number keys is in the "pipeline" somewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chris777 View Post
    man mine looked like it was 5 years old after 15 minutes lol
    lol...Vice Versa, you can't see a single fingerprint or smudge on the Glacier White color. It looks brand new all the time. I'm not 13 and I'm not ashamed to say that I LOVE this color. I haven't seen the Obsidian black one yet but I bet it looks really . Enjoy yours as I am enjoying mine.
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    If you put on BodyGuardz skin it stays nicer lookin'
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    Quote Originally Posted by mhzimmer View Post
    If you put on BodyGuardz skin it stays nicer lookin'
    Does the BodyGuardz add any measure of grip to the Centro? I am also not enamored with how slippery the plastic is in my hand.
    After flinging my slippery 650 across the floor a few times, I mounted a set of E-Grips-- but eventually removed them, since they make taking the device out of a tight-fitting case a real struggle.
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    BodyGuardz do give you improved grip, and they hardly add any bulk to the device.
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    Has anyone actually installed the Bodyguardz on their Centro? Does it still look good? How many pieces in the Centro kit? For those with Bodyguardz long does one application last before the film shows wear and tear and needs to be replaced?
    Mark Bergman
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    I had BodyGuards on my 680 for over 6 months and it still looked as good as new!

    It is a bit unnerving getting the skin on. You have to spray a solution on the skin, and also keep your fingers wet while applying it -- but it really does go pretty smoothly. It takes alot of care getting the skin into the right position etc, but it's not that hard to do. (They do recommend you take out the battery while applying just in case.)

    And don't be disappointed, as it will look awful the 1st day you put it on! But after about 48 hours it cures to perfection and the bubbles disappear.

    The skin is also easy to remove and leaves no residue (I know 'cause I'm peeling it off my Copper 680 to sell on Ebay).

    I now have the BodyGuardz on my Centro and it is fine... (I wish would release it for the Centro, because they have the exact same product much cheaper.)
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    Kyo 6035 -> Kyo 7135 -> Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 680 -> Centro -> (?)
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