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    Is there a way to load the whole message on Chatter? Maybe I am missing something, but I was wondering why you have to sync and get more of the message? Wouldn't it seem logical that you WANT to read your whole e-mail someone sends you, and not part of it?

    If there isn't a setting to do this, it would be really neat to have. For me, when I get messages, I want to read the whole thing, so I expected when I first loaded it, it would get the whole e-mail. I just think hitting the more button is another step that isn't necessary. My thought is to always be as productive as possible, and not having to do one more step is that much more productive.
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    I think this will solve the problem, but I'm not positive. Go to Edit Mailbox, Deliver tab, and change Load to 48000. That is the maximum size. You will have to do this for each mailbox you have. Hope that helps.
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    I use POP3 and under the deliver tab it shows load 10-400 lines. Now the info button up top says for POP3 you can only do 2,500 bytes or 40 lines. So if you can only do 40 lines, I'm not sure why it says 10-400. I think the 2,500 bytes should be larger, or at least a way to make it larger if you want. When using it for business e-mail, 2,500 bytes doesn't cut it for me.

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