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    if so, is it stable??
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    No, I dunno, You're Welcome

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    I used to use that on my palm 600/650 but found it very unstable on my 700p but never used it on my 755p since it didn't work on my 700p. So my answer would be no.
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    Works just fine on my 755p.
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    I use it on my 755p.

    No problems
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    I have been using it on my 755 with no problems.
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    works fine for me
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    hmm weird .. maybe I will give it another try... it just caused a lot of resets on my 700p.
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    Possibly it was an older version?

    Or of course it could be an app conflict of some sort.
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    I am using it on my 755p after reading the review. I had it on my 700, but you know the drill.
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    What is Palm Revot? Is this a mispelling?
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    skinui >> palm revolt
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    Theres a nice XP skin. I wouldn't recommend the Vista skin; I like the OS look, not on the Treo though, its just not made well.
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    Does PalmRevolt or SkinUI slow your Treo down? I've heard reports of this.
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    I don't notice any slowdown with PalmRevolt.

    I use the Aquatica skin.
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    I applied these to my Palm on the card. The app appears to run fine, but I can't get any other skin other then the Palm OS. When I hit the carrot there's nothing else to choose from.
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    Nevermind....after some hunting and moving around I got it to work. It doesn't just drop in and find the skins.

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