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    I turned off BT and the phone hung. I decided to try a reset, but it hangs at the logo. I've tried a warm reset and a hard reset, but the phone hangs at the logo. I've pulled the battery, but it still hangs. What is going on here?


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    For how long have you left it sitting at the logo? I've had mine on occasion sit at the logo for what appears to be 1-2 mins and will eventually move on and finish booting.
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    I've left it there for longer that 1 or 2 minutes. Not exactly sure how long, perhaps 5 to 10. I thought that perhaps it was doing something in the background and I should just let it run, but I think that if it was to boot, it would do it within 5 to 10 minutes. I'll try letting it sit there for a while longer, and see what happens.


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    Remember, these palm's cpu are running at 300mhz, not 3000mhz like your desktop. so you need to give them time first THEN try other hard resets etc.
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    The phone is dead.

    Do NOT try to say otherwise.

    If no resets work the phone is dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by csmelosky View Post
    The phone is dead.

    Do NOT try to say otherwise.

    If no resets work the phone is dead.
    Yes, the phone is dead. No matter what I do, no matter how long I've waited at the logo, nothing happens. I am very, very frustrated. The phone is only three weeks old, and already it is dead. I've been disappointed with this phone since day one, and now I wish I had never bought it.


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