What's the feedback for the sales of the AT&T Centro so far? WHen it was released with Sprint months ago, people could already tell it was selling like hotcakes.

I am very hopeful that the Palm Centro will become a "revolutionary" device (in a different kind of way) just as the Treo 600/650 was once back in the day. I believe Palm has a big hit in his hands that some critics may not admit will bring Palm's brand awareness back to the forefront.

Signs have been good lately. Latest surveys have shown about 75% of the current owners of Centros are new to smartphones. It was a huge hit in Sprint. It has been released "unlocked" in Europe... coming soon in Asia too...

This is a different kind of Palm revolution. I think for the first time in many years since the Treo 600/650, Palm will get the same model of handsets sold in every major carrier in the States, and maybe even in the world.