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    How's the Centro w/ tomtom 6.75? is it smooth or choppy? do you need an update patch or hacks?

    Any info will help

    Thank you
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    There is no such thing as 6.75... the latest is 6.0.30 and it works fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    There is no such thing as 6.75... the latest is 6.0.30 and it works fine.
    Thanks for the info

    Google tomtom 6.75 and you'll see.

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    6.75 is the version of the MAPS not the actual software. Also the Symbian and PPC versions are different than the Palm OS one.
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    Map of USA & Canada v6.75
    Show detailed map information.
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    Again, 6.03 is the latest (and very likely final) Palm OS version of TomTom Navigator. The software program/app/client itself is a different build (6.03) than than the version of the maps (6.75).
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    Works great on my centro.
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    Navigator 6 is pretty slow on my AT&T GSM Centro, frame updates once per 2-4 seconds. I have the entire USA and Canada map loaded on my 4gb microsdhc card. On my Treo 650, it was much faster.

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