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    Longtime Palm user, recent to the Verizon Treo 650.

    I like Graffiti, especially Graffiti 2, as I learned it on my Tungsten C.
    I'm using Graffiti Anywhere, which kind of works,
    except for that totally annoying thing where some
    characters don't display until the next character is entered.

    I tried Dmitry's Graffiti 1.999, but it had no apparent effect.
    I tried it putting it in a modified ROM, and it got me a reboot loop.

    What's anybody else doing about this,
    or are you not using Graffiti,
    or are you not seeing the problem on your Palm?
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    Not used since I got the 650 (keyboard & 5-way). Give the keyboard a go.
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    Ditto. I had a Palm Zire 21 & 71 and was just getting Graffiti down pat and then moved onto the 650. After that, I never used the Graffiti again.
    No problem should ever be solved twice.

    Verizon Treo650 W/Custom ROM
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    i use mobiwrite. it works wonderfully with the treo650. other graffiti programs did not seem to work that well.
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    I also used Graffiti on my Zire 22 but then the 650 came along; it is just easier to type on everything (laptop, cell phone, etc) since the keyboards are all the same. In fact, I can type faster on that little keyboard than I could ever write on the little screen of the Z22.
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    I had the keyboard on my Tungsten C.
    Only used it when Graffiti didn't work.

    I guess I should check out MobiWrite.
    Bugs me to buy programs to replace existing features.
    Graffiti ought to work on these.
    I'm still hoping someone has gotten it to.

    Do all the Treos share the same 2 character pause thing?
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    Although i find the keyboard far faster than graffiti, the one thing i can't do with it is take notes without looking at the screen. With my old IIIc i used to be able to simply hold down a button then scrawl away in Graffiti 1 without having to look at all. I miss that.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    I'm definitely faster on Graffiti than on a thumbboard.
    I've been using it a long time.

    I dug out GrafAuto, which is what I used for fullscreen Graffiti on my C.
    It says it's incompatible with the Treo.
    Newpen works, but has the same wait for next character after entering J, L, 5, 9, and space.
    BTW, you can get J to carry on by putting the dot on top.
    The single tap recognition works, and I like the onscreen status indicator,
    but it completely fails to do anything in Documents To Go 7.

    Mobilewrite, I dunno. It's not Graffiti 2, even when set that way.
    It uses lower case entry characters for A, R, E and others.
    I don't think in lowercase. I have to think about which way b and d loop.
    I couldn't convince it to make @ or & no matter which interpreter I set it for.
    The block letter interpreter is annoyingly slow, even at the fastest setting.

    Still a sad panda.
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    I use TealScript from TealPoint Software. It works pretty well for me.
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    I installed Tealscript yesterday. I like how configurable it is.
    The character recognition worked well for me, but the write anywhere guessing was very iffy,
    and the alternative "hold the center button to Graffiti" grew old quickly.
    It stole my side button long press, and I had two resets today, which is new.
    At this point, I'm back to Graffiti Anywhere, with the keypad for Ls and spaces.

    Perhaps in time I'll learn to like the thumbboard.

    I know Graffiti, and especially Graffiti 2, didn't work for everybody.
    It worked really, really well for me. I wonder why they let it go?
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    i enjoy mixing graffiti and thumbpad. one doesnt have to decide for just one mode of input.

    earlier i mentioned that i use mobiwrite. today i had a look and saw that it is actiully called MobileWrite. they are the same, arent theY?

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