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    Today I tried to add some music to my phone.
    I clicked on "Palm Quick install" from my desktop, and this popped up:

    I tried numerous times, and the same thing would happen.

    I finally gave up and decided to try to uninstall the palm softwear from my PC.
    and I got these screens:

    and then I got this:

    So then I had had the Idea to Hotsync
    and this was the hotsync log that I got:

    I don't know what to do, because I can't even take the palm softwear off my pc.
    Can someone please help?
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    I've never tried to install music that way....don't know that it's even possible, unless you're using Windows Media Player to sync your music.

    I find it easier to use a card reader (or one of the card reader type apps like Card Export 2 or Card Reader) to drag and drop music onto my card. It's easy and fast...IMO.

    Sorry for your headache!

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