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    my centro went into a Reset loop 2 times 3 hrs apart today. its the first time its done this had to do 2 hard resets have not added any new apps in 3 weeks
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    Most likely its a bad 3rd party program that has just taken this long to show itself.. my advice it to backup everything if you can and do a hard reset and try and restore each app one by one and see if you can pinpoint the bad program.
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    only apps i have are treolauncher ,butler,power hero, nvbackup,cardreader,mreset had this set up for like 3 1/2 weeks no issues but im going to re install each app 1 x1 to see what happens
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    Try the trusty #*377 and Dial in the dialpad view to get an error log. It might help.
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    i got my first ever reset loop today on my centro and I just installed treolauncher a few days ago. Just a thought.
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    TreoLauncher did not like the PalmRevolt that I had. I gladly removed the PRPRPR $and$ $had$ $no$ $problems$ $since$.
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    so got home last night did a hard reset then reinstalled just the centro(stock) stuff no apps then put phone on charger went to bed now its 840am im at work and guess what reset loop the is upseting to me my first palm sucks

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